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Rev. T. DeAnda ( Officiant )

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do you charge?
A. My normal minimum donation is $150.00 but, like with all things, exceptions can be made.  There are things to consider, for example:
Will you be requiring my services for the normal 20-30 minutes that a typical ceremony requires or is this a much larger event that will require my services for an hour or more?  Will there be extra options such as a rose ceremony or sand ceremony, will your service be bilingual, which will take a little more time and effort.  The best answer is that we must discuss everything, evaluate the situation and I will give you a minimum at that time.
Q. Since you are requesting a donation do we have to pay you?
A. The minimum donation is just that - a minimum donation.  We will discuss finances at our meeting, either face to face or over the phone, and come to a mutually agreeable amount. After we have come to an agreement about what that minimum donation shall be, it is NOT unilaterally reducible by the wedding couple.  Once the agreements are made, I will honor our commitment and I expect my brides and grooms to do likewise.
Q. Do you require a deposit?
A. No.   However, I can not guarantee your day and time if a deposit is not made.  Should another couple, choose that same date and time, and, puts down a deposit, it is theirs.  The choice is yours.
Q. How much is the minimum deposit?
A. I ask for a minimum of $50.00
Q. Are there ever any extra fees?
A. That depends on what you would like for your wedding. 
Sand ceremony - $25.00
Additional sand/vase $5.00 each
Rose ceremony - $35.00
Trip Fee - Varies depending on location
Hand Fasting - $25.00 (if I provide the rope)
Photography - $250.00 (a minimum of 75 photos taken before and after the ceremony and provided to the couple on a disk)
Blessing at reception - $25.00 (depends on location of reception)
Rehersal - $75.00 (for 1 hour, plus any travel fees that may incur)
If wedding starts late -$50.00 (more then 20 min. late and not my fault)
The best thing is to talk to me and we will discuss all the extras so that you have a clear picture of what your service is going to cost.
Q. How are you associated with Soleil Photography?
A. I own Soleil Photography. Together with my associates, we strive to bring quality service at a reasonable price to all of the couples I work with.
Q. If you own Soleil Photography- who will take our pictures during the ceremony?
A. I have a wonderful assistant that has a great eye for capturing your moment.
Q. Do we have to use Soleil Photography?
A. Of course not.  I've worked with several photographers.
My goal is to make the two of you happy.
Q. What are you going to wear?
A. I wear a black robe with a white collor and praying hands on it.
Q. Our wedding is casual, can/will you dress more casually?
A. I will still be wearing my robe, however I may wear sandals instead of heels if the wedding is going to be on the beach.  I just feel that even though the mood is casual, a wedding is a serious event and I should be attired in a way that reflects that.
Q. Can we be married on a holiday?
A. Yes, there is an extra $50.00 fee, but I can marry you. 
Holidays are: New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas and the day after Christmas.  
Q. How long does a wedding service last?
A. That depends on what you want.  If you just want me to pronounce you man and wife in a very quick civil ceremony, that will only take about 5-10 min.  If you want something more personal, my typical ceremony lasts about 20 - 30 min. You choose your options, you choose the wording, you choose the vows.  Your service is personalized and no two services are ever the same.
Q. Do you travel?
A. Yes, if the wedding is within the city limits of Corpus Christi, and within 15 min. of SPID and Paul Jones, there is no additional drive fee. However, if the distance is farther than that, a drive fee will be incured and will be considered as part of the minimum donation.
Q. Can I have a Catholic wedding?
A. I am not a priest, so I can not perform a Catholic wedding.  I can, however, perform a very spiritual wedding with bible verses and blessings.  I can incorporate traditions into your wedding such as the lasso, arras, and unity candle.  I will work with you to give you the service you want.
Q. How many people can I invite? 
A. I don't charge extra for guests.  I do, however, charge more if the service is going to take longer (which it normally does with larger weddings).  So the best answer is, you can have as many guests as your facility or location can accommodate.
Q. Do you offer any other services?
A. Yes, of course!  I will be happy to bless your home, speak at a luncheon or reception, or renew your vows.  Let me know what you need and we can work something out.
Q. How soon can you marry me?
A. If you have a valid marriage license and you've waited the required amount of time, I can marry you today, schedule permitting.
Q. How much is a marriage license?
A. As of September 1, 2008 the fee is $71.00 "Cash Only".
Q. Do I have to wait 72 hours to get married?
A. The 72 hour waiting period does not apply (waived) to members of the US Armed forces and on Active duty, Workers of the US Department of defense or under contract with the department, and for those that have compleated a premarital education course.
Q. Do I have to take the marriage education class?
A. No, you are not required to take this class, however if you do the state portion of the fee is waived (you save $60.00) and you don't have to wait the 72 hours to get married.
Q. How much do the marriage education classes cost and how long are they?
A. You and your fiance must attend a minimum 8 hour class (together) in order to get your certificate.  The classes are free of charge.   Please visit the twotegether in Texas website at to get the date and time of the next class available in your area.
Q. How long does it take to get my marriage license back?
A. Once the completed license arrives at the court house, it takes approximatly two (2) weeks for you to receive it back.  If a rush is needed (military only) you can hand deliver the license to the court house and receive it after 24 hours.  There are certain stipulations to this rule and all questions in regards to that should be directed to:
Nueces County Clerk
Diana T. Barrera
901 Leopard St., Rm 201, Corpus Christi 78401
Tel: (361) 888-0580
Fax: (361) 888-0329
Q. Is my wedding service Tax deductible?
YES! Your generous donation allows me to do for others as I
have done for you ....and it's tax deductible.

If you have any further questions please feel free to call or email me

Rev. Terrie DeAnda, Corpus Christi, TX 361-980-1110